USC Orphanage Facility Project

Master Plan Program:  Orphanage and K-12 school for up to 1,000 children with ability to build incrementally as funding and property acquisition permits.

  • Dormitories with family home atmosphere.  Each dorm “room” to house 10-20 beds, including the “parent” (staff members will live with the children in the dorms).
  • Classrooms (not sure we know optimal number of students per room, would guess this to be around 20)
  • Administration offices (assume staff of 10)
  • Food Service facilities
  • Clinic (intended to also provide services to local families in need)
  • Sustainable Design that can be supported locally
  • Garden(s)
  • Athletic fields
  • Maintenance building


 **Recent photos of our 1st visit to USC

DeborahwithprofessorfromUSCUniversity  Deborahamp KenviewingdesignsthatArchclassisstudying 

          Deborah with USC Professor                                                      Ken, Deborah, one of the USC Students

etoteachministerto18Architectstudentsforthenext90minutes   eborahlecturingamp ministeringto18studentsUSCArchitectclass

Ken & Deborah going over the mission and vision of               Deborah ministering and sharing the vision with the students

the orphanage with the USC students.

DeborahKenamp Professorwithall18classmembers









Group photo with the Ken, Professor and students

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