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Special thanks to Aaron Leonard for going the extra mile and working with a spirit of excellence to assist us in designing this site.

Special thanks to Rhema Marvanne for her beautiful song “amazing grace” used on our video.

Special thanks to Lynn Livigni for her sensitivity to the Lord in hearing with a spirit of excellence and prophetic insight to create an incredibly impacting Amazing Gracde video.

Special thanks to Jerry & Lisa & Rebecca Ruggiero for their family participation in facilitating together administratively pics and filming and computer skills and networking abilities to make everything flow nicely to see the promo videos become a reality. For your love, prayers and never ending selfless support.

Special thanks to Rev. Richard Zamecki & Rev. David Kelly for your camera skills and facilitation.

Special thanks to Amy Vieira for making time for yet another charitable organization to bless children by giving of yourself, your love, your gifts and your never ending cheerleading to run the course and to reach for the highest prize.

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