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Our facility opened in August of 2010 with 36 beautiful children. We actually have room to house 64 more for a total of 100. Future plans are being made to expand and enlarge on the land that we have surrounding our facility. Our goal at this point is to increase sponsorship, raising steady monthly commitments so that we can also bring in the other 64 children who are presently on a waiting list. We want to be certain all of their cost will be met before we take this next step.

Our children ages range from 3 years old through 15 years old. We have a christian school that operates Monday through Friday for preschool age and classes for grades 1-7. A total of 8 teachers are presently on staff. The reason we have 8 teachers employed is because we have 95 children total attending our school.  This means that 65 other children from surrounding areas are allowed to attend our school for a small fee. Much less than what would normally be required to receive an education. With this extra small support from these 65 extra students, our 8 teachers are able to divide the fees paid for schooling among themselves for salaries and school materials. This is an added blessing for them as they too have their own families to support and we want to keep good quality teachers on staff. Only 20% of our overall operating cost go to these 8 teachers to divide among them for their salaries. So the extra students supplement the teachers meager salaries to enable us to educate 95 children, 36 of which live in our facility.

When any of the facility children reach High School age, we being the administration of “ Destined To Live The Good Life Orphanage” will pay their fees to attend high school as we desire each child have the opportunity to further their education. Children are taught academic studies as well as spiritually prepared and equipped to be world changers for Jesus Christ at a young age.

All of our children have been screened and tested for HIV and have experienced traumatic journeys in their young life time. A diversity of circumstances brought them through our doors. Many parents died when they were very young and left them on the streets. Others were abandoned because a parent could not afford to feed them and could not bare to see them die of starvation. Mothers and grandmothers have brought their children to us and begged us to take them in so they would not die of starvation. The price of love to give your child away so that they might survive. We have siblings who are families as we made a vow not to separate children that are immediate families. Some of our children left to the streets for survival were forced into sexual arenas that no child should ever be exposed to. Many abandoned and left to die. But God ! Had a very special plan for these little ones, a future full of hope and joy! Please pray for these children as they are continually being healed through the love of their teachers, house mothers and our facility directors and staff.


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